Plexiglass acrylic bonding method

Issuing time:2021-07-28 10:07

Plexiglass acrylic bonding method

d8彩票官网苹果手机下载There are many methods for acrylic bonding. Next, I will show you what methods and special attention should be paid to them:

d8彩票官网苹果手机下载Acrylic bonding

1. Connection: Place the two acrylic boards to be connected horizontally on the actual operating platform, close them together, and stick a tape on the bottom end, leaving a gap not exceeding 0.3mm wide for the application of adhesive.

2. Façade bonding: Façade bonding is the most common bonding process. First, wipe the surface to be bonded cleanly, use the model to complete the bonding, and keep the bonding material fixed, which is beneficial to improve the acrylic The quality of bonding.

3. Surface bonding: Place the surface to be adhered to a clean and tidy level, pour an appropriate adhesive on it, and place one side of the other acrylic board obliquely against the acrylic board that is coated with adhesive, and then evenly and slowly Put it down and drive away the bubbles from one side for bonding.

Acrylic bonding


d8彩票官网苹果手机下载Acrylic adhesive can corrode the surface of the acrylic board and leave imprints that cannot be removed. Therefore, you can use a sticker tape to maintain the position that does not need to be bonded. Vegetable oils, dust or vent holes will prevent the adhesive from sizing evenly and leave bubbles. Direct blowing will cause the edges of the bonding surface to whiten due to the volatilization of the adhesive. In addition, indoor humidity and temperature will also have a direct impact on acrylic bonding.

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